Lease the Winter Queen exhibition

The Hoogsteder Museum Foundation is proudly presenting the exhibition Elizabeth & Frederik, 400 years marriage of the Winterqueen and Winterking. The exhibition was created by the Hoogsteder art historical staff in collaboration with academics in the field.

A pilot of the show was held at the Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder gallery in The Hague in the spring of 2013 (download the exhibition newspaper here).
It was a tremendous success and attracted a diversity of visitors from all over the world.

We aim to let the exhibition travel in the footsteps of Elizabeth herself

The goal is to start out in Scotland, where Elizabeth was born and spent her early life. Then continuing through England to London, which is where she married the love of her life: Frederick V. Thereafter following the journey of the couple through the European mainland: crossing the Dutch Republic (The Hague, Rhenen, the province of Zeeland), Germany (Heidelberg) and finishing in Prague – in what was then Bohemia.

The heart of the show consists of ca. 50 paintings that are all from private collections

In addition, the exhibition includes miniatures, coins, letters and a large selection of prints. Together they form a unique ensemble of objects that provide the public with a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Profound academic research has been performed on the topic and objects

Dr. Nadine Akkerman has been studying the correspondence of the Winter Queen for decades and recently published the first of three volumes with Elizabeth’s edited letters. She was closely involved in the creation of the exhibition and made it possible to include brand-new information, insights and anecdotes that contribute towards a renewed view on the life of Elizabeth. In November 2015 Dr. Nadine Akkerman also published a blog post about Ten things you never knew about Elizabeth Stuart, ‘the Winter Queen’.


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