Monthly Masterpiece June 2015

    Jan Fijt and (most likely) Johannes Hermans, called Monsú Aurora

    Antwerp 1611 - 1661 Antwerp and active in Antwerp and Rome before 1654 - after 1665

    Still Life with Fruit, Hunting Trophies, a Parrot, a Cat and a Dog

    Canvas, 113 x 129 cm
    Painted circa 1645-1650
    Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder, The Hague

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    Jan Fijt was a highly successful artist in his time and one of the most sought-after specialists in animal painting. As many leading artists, Fijt employed a large studio. In this painting he collaborated with a fellow artist, most likely Johannes Hermans. The animals are painted by Fijt himself, and the still life and draperies are by another hand.

    This picture is one of the most attractive in Fijt’s oeuvre. All the ingredients are there:

    The classical architectural setting with lush draperies;
    a table richly decorated with an exuberant still life of fruit in a basket;
    a bowl of precious porcelain filled with wild strawberries
    combined with a tableau of grey-brown partridges and a hare,
    looked at by a fascinated hound and curious cat.
    Finally the cockatoo is an exotic element in the composition.


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    Notice the similarities with a painting by Jan Fijt in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York:

    Met Fyt

    Price explained
    The above price is here explained by a comparison with other pictures sold at auction.
    Our painting has a much more attractive composition than the latter two Fijt’s sold at auction.
    Most notably, our picture is very well preserved and is in great condition.

    MM January 2015 Fijt ref.

    The most expensive painting by Fijt ever sold at auction fetched € 360.000.

    MM January 2015 ref. 3

    Just last year (2014) this Fijt was sold in London for ca. € 185.000.

    Fijt 73.000 euro Christie's

    This painting with a much less attractive composition brought € 73.000.

    Fijt Monthly Masterpiece ref.

    A picture more similar to ours was sold in London for ca. € 95.000.


    A picture entirely by Johannes Hermans was offered for sale in 2011 with an estimate of € 70.000 – 80.000.

    More information
    For more information please phone us or send an e-mail.
    Please feel free to come view the Monthly Masterpiece in our gallery.

    This picture will be included in the forthcoming exhibition and sale:
    Hunting, Game & Painting in the Golden Age (November 2015 – February 2016).


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