Monthly Masterpiece February 2015

    Tobias Stranover

    Sibiu 1684 - after 1731 London

    Still Life with Fruit and Birds

    Canvas, 88 x 68.5 cm

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    This highly attractive and decorative composition by Tobias Stranover is a successful combination of a still life, landscape and animal painting. The evening sunlight casts soft shadows on the grapes, peaches and plums. An exotic grey redstart parrot and a common oxeye bird feast on the fruit.

    Great quality

    Notice the detail of the parrot’s feathers, the variety of leaves and the craftsmanship with which the still life was painted. Stranover’s deliberate use of powerfully contrasting colours (red-green, purple-yellow, blue-orange) gives the painting a striking contemporary appearance.

    Travelling man

    Tobias Stranover was born in Transylvania and travelled to Western Europe as a young man. He probably stayed in The Netherlands and eventually ended up in London.

    Now for sale

    We think our price (upon request) is very competitive. Below find the two most expensive pictures by Stranover sold at auction. We prefer the more balanced composition of our picture.

    Stranover Christies 2012

    Sold for £ 79.250 in London, 2012 (now c. € 105.000).

    Soth Stranover 2005

    Sold for $ 108.000 in NY, 2005 (now c. € 95.000).













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