Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder regularly produce video clips on exhibitions staged in their gallery. In the videos below, among others, you can watch the following:

  • The EO Blauw Bloed video contains a tour through Hoogsteder’s Winterqueen exhibition.
  • In the video The Silver Age Exhibition, Hoogsteder compares Dutch pictures from the 17th century to those from the 18th century.

‘Schoonheid Misleidt’: Museum Bredius

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Linking Pieces: Museum Bredius

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From Bosch to Bruegel: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

RTV Rijnland

John Hoogsteder talks about Bruegel at the exhibition De ontdekking van het dagelijkse leven: van Bosch tot Bruegel at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

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Maarten van Rossem: Winterking and Winterqueen

11 December 2014, RTV Utrecht

RTV Utrecht

For his documentary on the Winterking and Winterqueen (RTV Utrecht), Maarten van Rossem visited Willem Jan Hoogsteder in The Hague, and Frederick and Elizabeth’s palace in Rhenen.

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The Hague Philharmonic (Residentie Orkest)

21 June 2013

EO Blauw Bloed

29 March 2013

eoblauw bloed

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The Silver Age Exhibition.
Old Masters from the 17th century compared to 18th-century paintings

22 November 2011

Dutch History of the 18th century

21 November 2011

Dutch History of the 17th century

5 October 2011

De Rekenkamer: Wat kost de Nachtwacht?

9 September 2011
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TV West

29 April 2011

Tussen Kunst & Kitsch

9 February 2011, Ned. 1, 8:30 pm

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RTL Boulevard

9 February 2011, RTL4, 6:30 pm

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Eén Vandaag

8 February 2011, Ned. 1, 6:15 pm

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