From 1996 to 2005 Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder published The Hoogsteder Journal in Dutch and English. The Journals contain articles about Old Master paintings written by various authors. The aim of the articles is to provide insight to collectors, art historians and art lovers.

Click on a Journal to read the articles online. Hard copies are also available of most editions, for the price of €12 per edition (excluding postage).

Journal 1

The Hoogsteder Journal no. 1
Texts by Marike Dickmann-Wijnand
Affordable Old Master Paintings from the Age of Vermeer
Maritime Painting Ahoy!
Maerten in Cyberkitsch
Broken Petals Never Fade
Travels with Jan van Goyen
A Hidden Marriage
Popular Delft Portraitist and his Patron identified in The Hague

Journal 2The Hoogsteder Journal no. 2

Texts by Willem Jan Hoogsteder. Art historical research by Edwin Buijsen.
News in Brief
A Feast for the Eye
Re-lining Old Linen
The Beauty of Old Master Paintings
Glorious Praise of Ships and the Sea
Warnard van Rysen – Return of a ‘Lost’ Artist
Art on Wings in The Hague

Journal 3The Hoogsteder Journal no. 3

Texts by Edwin Buijsen, Willem Jan Hoogsteder and Carola Vermeeren
The Quarrelsome Behaviour of Isaac van Duynen, Painter of Fish
In the Context of the Frame
The Man behind the Painter
Princely Patrons in the Republic
A Journey Through Time
Golden Winters

Journal 4The Hoogsteder Journal no. 4

Texts by Edwin Buijsen, Carola Vermeeren and Willem Jan Hoogsteder
Golden Age Painters in The Hague
The Rise and Fall of Prices
Anna Ruysch’s Rabbit’s teeth and Fringes
Images of Warfare in Delft
Work in Progress

journal 5The Hoogsteder Journal no. 5

Texts by Marike Dickmann-Wijnand, Adrie van Griensven, John and Willem Jan Hoogsteder and Duco Wildeboer
Opening the book on Hague’s Painters of the Golden Age
Book in the spotlight
Guests at the Hague Historical Museum
Love and tears in the Golden Age

Journal 6The Hoogsteder Journal no. 6

Texts by Marieke Spliethoff, Willem Jan Hoogsteder and John Hoogsteder
Gems from the World of Painting
At home with the collector
Searching for Hendrick Meulenaer
Portrait Painters in Rembrandt’s World
Rembrandt Around the Hofvijver
Portraits from Rembrandt’s World in the spotlight
Popular Delft Portraitist and his Patron identified in The Hague

journal7The Hoogsteder Journal no. 7

Texts by Marieke Spliethoff, Willem Jan Hoogsteder, Rob Soetenhorst en Leonard Wolfsbergen
An immigrant in Amsterdam: How Johannes Bouman of Strasbourg became a Dutch painter
Painting discovered in Vermeer

Twelfth Night: A Jan Miense Molenaer household
Taking on the Art Tax

Rachel Ruysch, Amsterdam’s Pallas and Minerva of the Amsterdam IJ
Fashionable innovations of Tsar Peter the Great
The Glory of the Rijksmuseum

journal8The Hoogsteder Journal no. 8

Bredius Museum reborn
Mathieu Dubus, avant-gardist
A monumental Hobbema
Abraham Blommaert’s reputation restored
From Pieter Molijn via Jan van Goyen to Anthony van der Croos
Weenix becomes D’Hondecoeter
Collaboration of Dirck Wyntrack and Joris van der Haagen
Exhibition Diary

journal9The Hoogsteder Journal no. 9

Texts by Marieke Spliethoff, Willem Jan Verlinden and Willem Jan Hoogsteder
Drinking peasants, drunken gentlemen
Drinking habits in the 17th century
Artists and alcohol
Bacchus god of wine
Drink and grapes

journal10The Hoogsteder Journal no. 10

Texts by Marieke Spliethoff, Josine Corstens, Jeroen Jurjens and Willem Jan Hoogsteder
Light in a Dark Niche: Still life by Laurens Craen restored
Backed by Backer: Portrait of Geertruida Hasselaer
Gillis Rombouts and Roelof van Vries
Unique History Painting by Nicolaes van Helt Stocade
Four Paintings from the collection of Princess Marianne
Adriaen de Lelie: revolutionary ideas in his paintings
Cuyp or Calraet?: Two Dordrecht horse painters
Trumpet and Toupee
Jan Pauwel Gillemans and Pieter Rijsbraeck’s collaboration
Willem van Leen and the garden with the lost lion
Flowery Flora Vital Fish in Utrecht   |   Rembrandt in Japan


Journal 11The Hoogsteder Journal no. 11

Texts by Marieke Spliethoff, Josine Corstens and Willem Jan Hoogsteder
Ships in a Storm off Enkhuizen
Battle at Sea between Hollanders and Pirates
Ludolf Backhuyzen, A Princely Painter
Two Majestic Marines
The Fortunes of a Royal Painting
Pirates on the Prowl
Restoration in Focus
The Life and Times of Ludolf Backhuyzen


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