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Buit – Nummer 4 – December 2018

In the magazine Buit, Willem Jan Hoogsteder writes a monthly column about a painting that is related to hunting. This December issue it’s about the cheerful Winterlandscape with the Adoration of the Shepherds, set in a 17th-century Felmish context.

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Buit – Nummer 3 – September 2018

In the magazine Buit, Willem Jan Hoogsteder writes a monthly column about a painting that is related to hunting. This article discusses a colourfull collection of birds that could have never been caught on the same day.

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Buit – Nummer 2 – Juli 2018

In the magazine Buit, Willem Jan Hoogsteder writes a monthly column about a painting that is related to hunting. This article describes a trompe l’oeuil (deceiving the eye) painting by Cornelius Biltius.

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Buit – Nummer 1 – Mei 2018

In the magazine Buit, Willem Jan Hoogsteder writes a monthly column about a painting that is related to hunting. This article explains the symbolic meanings of two double portraits by Nicolaes Maes.

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Volkskrant – V Zomer 2 August 2014

As part of her article series on striking details on paintings, Wieteke van Zeil writes on the animal intestines shown on Hendrick Sorgh’s Esau selling his birthright.

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Elsevier Juist December 2013

“One of the world’s leading experts on seventeenth-century Dutch masters, the flamboyant Willem Jan Hoogsteder, runs a gallery on Lange Vijverberg in The Hague. He explains some of the subtle nuances of the art trade to Liesbeth Wytzes. “A copyist paints part of the cuff and then the coat beside it, because a copyist copies; but that’s not how a real painter paints.”

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Bij ons in de Residentie November 2013

In addition to the sale of old master paintings, from now on, museums can also buy fully organised exhibitions at Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder.


Algemeen Dagblad 24 September 2013
Between masterpiece and marketplace

Super busy at Museum Beelden aan Zee yesterday, as the cameras rolled for television programme Tussen Kunst en Kitsch. Around a thousand visitors came to get their paintings, jewellery and other family treasures valued.

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Telegraaf 25 June 2013
Stan Huygens Journaal, Hofvijver fairytale
Festival Classique 21 juni 2013

They had planned a fairytale evening on and around Hofvijver pond. Well-known Hague art dealer Willem Jan Hoogsteder, who opened his majestic art gallery on the splendid Lange Vijverberg to receive his guests, brought the event to life with an unforgettable programme before and after Festival Classique’s premiere performance on the floating stage.

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Algemeen Dagblad 13 May 2013
Hague Queen Elisabeth, Winter Queen discovery at expo’

Once again the Dutch have a foreign queen: Máxima. Centuries ago, another monarch from distant shores also made The Hague her residence: Elisabeth Stuart (Electress Palatine). Willem Jan Hoogsteder created an exhibition about her and discovered something new.

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Telegraaf 14 February 2013
Bohemian Winter King breifly returns to The Hague

On Valentine’s Day, Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder on Lange Vijverberg in The Hague launch an exhibition about the Winter King and Winter Queen. Frederik V, Elector Palatine and the daughter of the English king, Elizabeth Stuart, married there exactly 400 ago on 14 February 1613.

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Telegraaf 21 February 2013
Winter King at The Hague

It could hardly have been more appropriate: a cold winter’s day in The Hague as Willem Jan Hoogsteder opens his exhibition about the Winter King and Queen in his magnificent art gallery on the majestic Lange Vijverberg. The famous art dealer and connoisseur launched the show exactly 400 years after Frederik and Elizabeth of Bohemia tied the knot.

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BBC News February 2013
Point of View: The Winter Queen of Bohemia

A BBC interview with Lisa Jardine, Professor of Renaissance studies at University College London.

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Algemeen Dagblad, 18 December 2012
Two portraits by Jan Verkolje identified as Abraham and Johanna van Bleyswijck.

A splendid pair of seventeenth-century portraits: husband and wife, painted on copper by Jan Verkolje of Delft. But who are they? Hague art dealers John and Willem Jan Hoogsteder, who own the works, sought long and hard for an answer.

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Vorsten Royale, December 2011
Exhibition and Paleis Huis ten Bosch

An article about our exhibition and Paleis Huis ten Bosch in Vorsten Royale no. 13, 2011.

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Art Magazine Collect, November 2011
Silver Age Exhibition

An article about our Silver Age exhibition in the latest edition of Collect.

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Art Magazine Tableau October 2011
Silver Age Exhibition

An article about our Silver Age exhibition in the latest edition of Tableau Fine Arts Magazine.

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Telegraaf 30 April 2011
Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau

On Friday, 29 April 2011, John Hoogsteder was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, for his efforts and passionate work on behalf of Museum Bredius. Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen congratulated Mr Hoogsteder on receiving his order.

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Telegraaf 3 November 2010
Opening of the Autumn exhibition

Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder’s autumn exhibition featuring the De Witt Brothers was opened by Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen and the ambassadors of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the deputy ambassador of Poland.

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Financieel Dagblad, 1 November 2010
De Witt Brothers presentation

Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder art gallery in The Hague features a presentation on the De Witt Brothers in this year’s autumn exhibition of old master paintings. Centrepiece of the show is a portrait that Willem Jan Hoogsteder discovered at an auction. While the painter was evidently Abraham Ragueneau, the subject was anonymous. He was subsequently identified as ambassador Johan Johansz de Wit. The Hague Historical Museum owns another, almost identical painting. Both paintings are on view during this exhibition.

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Volkskrant Magazine, 9 October 2010

The drawing room of acclaimed contemporary artist Philip Akkerman and his wife Madelon Acket. On the chimneypiece two seventeenth-century paintings, bought at Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder. Akkerman: “The most delightful art gallery in The Hague. No, in the entire Netherlands.”

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Den Haag Centraal, 7 March 2009

I don’t mind at all if you say that…

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