Fees and Conditions

We can usually tell you whether a loan can be arranged within a few days of receiving a request. All artworks are held in private and corporate collections.

Availability and fees

Please phone or send an e-mail with any requests for loans. Provide us with the following information:

  • Details of the object you wish to lend or any desired subject or category
  • Desired loan dates
  • Name of the hosting institution

Upon receiving a request, we will inform you on availability and fees – within 48 hours.

All paintings are

  • In very good condition / state of preservation
  • Framed according to the highest standards (period frames or reproductions of period frames by
    John Davies Framing, London)

Paintings come with

  • High-resolution photographs suitable for publication
  • Art historical descriptions
  • Free publication rights – may be used commercially for exhibition promotion and products

We do NOT request

  • A courier accompanying transport and installation
  • A specific shipping agent (but should be an agent specialised in art)
  • Additional administrative fees on return of the loan
  • Turtle crates or double crating

We do reserve the right

to review and if necessary edit articles or texts written regarding the artworks we loan.


Photos left

Jezus in de Gouden Eeuw at the Kunsthal, Rotterdam in 2000-2001, with then director Wim Pijbes showing our loan by Artus Wolffort.
Supper at Emmaus by Artus Wolffort, detail.




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