Valuation & research

A photograph enables us to provide a quick first impression free of charge. To receive a first impression, please send a digital photograph of the painting by e-mail, with relevant details such as the provenance of the painting, dimensions and any inscriptions. As this first impression is not based on first-hand examination of the painting, it is not binding and should not be used as an official expertise.

After seeing a photograph, we may decide that further expertise is needed. In this case we invite the owner to show the painting at our gallery in The Hague or at one of the recordings of the Dutch television programme Tussen Kunst & Kitsch, in which Willem Jan Hoogsteder is the expert on Old Master paintings.

Valuation Reports
When an initial inspection of the painting is inconclusive and further research is required, you may wish to receive a valuation report. This includes valuation, expertise and art historical research. Valuation reports cost € 500 per painting (+ 21% VAT-BTW), based on 2-3 hours of research.

Additional Research
In some instances owners may request extra art historical research, into a painting’s provenance for instance. Research may also be required to establish the identity of the artist (many Old Master paintings are not signed). Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder employ several trained art historians. Art historical research costs € 250 euro per hour (+ 21% VAT-BTW).


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Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase by Alexander Adriaensen, detail.




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